I fell in love with Evernote as soon as I started using it. Like any nerd, I come across a dizzying amount of information during a typical day. I would often find a really interesting article or blog post I wanted to read at inconvenient times. Evernote let me stash away all this great information into what they refer to our “online brain” and come back to it later. I can search it, tag it or find stuff by date. It’s awesome.

For me, the primary source for finding great stuff to read online comes from Twitter. I’d see posts from people throughout the day, linking to something that sounded interesting. I would click on the link, opening it in my browser, and use an Evernote browser plugin to create a note from that webpage and stick it into Evernote.

This had several downsides, however. First, It takes a few steps. If I don’t have time to read the article, I might not want to break from whatever I’m doing to open up the document and get it into Evernote right then and there either. Secondly, I had lost the context. I’d read a great article a few days later and forget where the link came from. Who posted this link to Twitter? Who can I chat with about it? The last issue with this is that I often read Twitter from my phone. The whole tweet to browser to Evernote plugin to Evernote workflow on a phone is just not going to happen.

Introducing Twitever

Twitever brings the flow-of-awesome that is Twitter to the remember-it-for-later of Evernote. Check it out on GitHub.

The Twitever workflow

1. See a tweet that has a link to something you might want to read later
2. Mark that tweet as a Favorite
3. Whenever it’s convenient, run twitever.rb on your mac, which downloads your twitter favorites and adds linked pages to Evernote

Tweet to Note

To keep the twitter context in mind, notes added to Evernote from Twitever will have the original tweet as the name of the note.


While this is essentially a quick hack, it’s already been incredibly convenient and useful for me. Feel free to fork the project and spiff if up if you like.

Note: I should mention this is Mac only. If you use Windows, I’m sorry. Really, really sorry.

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