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Brian has been building and selling things online since the mid-nineties, and has held leadership positions in both business and technical roles in the software, eCommerce, and financial services industries.

Tell Me A Story

Writing it down

Marketing Culture

Thanks, Dad

2012, A look back

GitHub, an egalitarian love story

Marketing for Geeks

My Setup

2011, A look back

The Ultimate Productivity Hack - Having Kids

Agile Construction Projects

Object-oriented CSS Heuristics for Programmers

Functional Widgets with Rails, JavaScript and JSONP

The Fallacies of Distributed Computing Reborn - The Cloud Era

Engineers - build businesses not apps

What kind of maker are you?

Get Fit to Win!

Twitever - A workflow for Twitter and Evernote

Rit. - The anti-CMS content scheduling system in Rails

The dangers of url_for in Rails applications

People, not process, is the soul of "agile"

My favorite books from 2009

Lean Software Engineering - My progression toward Kanban

has_many :through across multiple databases in Rails

Allowing multiple failed assertions per test

The rules of software deployment

Always a student

Is there such a thing as free automated user acceptance testing?

Golden Gate Ruby Conference

Clean Eating, How I make it work

Train to not suck at life

Quick and Easy - Cache RSS feeds in your Rails app

New gem - greatest_common_factor

Transparency, Responsibility, Accountability - how getting fit somehow still involves programming

New gem - rails_framework_diff

Deep Send

Things I learned at RailsConf 2008

Connecting to Oracle from Ruby on Rails

Supporting unique headers per SOAP request in soap4r

Quick Book Thoughts - The Back of the Napkin

Google Calendar Sync Doesn't

News traveling around the internets

Troubleshooting Tips

Quick Book Thoughts - Presentation Zen

ActionWebService on Rails 2

Blocks, Closures and The Ruby Way

Dancing with dynamic features in Ruby

Leaky abstractions, seepage of a dangerous kind

Testing - Static vs. Dynamic Typing

Drag and drop AppleScript to convert video

Software Engineering Book Recommendations

Passing by Value, Reference and somewhere in between

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